Hi and welcome to my website!

I am a Personal Trainer based in Kensington, London. I am here to provide you with the tools to get you to your goals as fast as possible.

I have been interested in sport/fitness from about the age of four when I started playing rugby back in New Zealand. Well, sort of rugby – more like organised chaos for four year olds with a rugby ball! I started training in Golds Gym in Wellington back when I was 16 and this really gave me a taste of things to come. After several years of full-time study I started working in the fitness industry at Healthlands in Wellington, New Zealand in 1993. Since then I have worked in different countries, learned from and been influenced by some of the biggest names in the industry.

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I’m a fully qualified, REPS Level 4 Personal Trainer. I have a current first aid certificate and insurance. The industry is always changing with respect to nutrition, training techniques and new discoveries therefore I continue to up-skill by way of courses and regular seminars.

‘I am still learning’-Michelangelo at age 87.

In my 24 year tenure I have had the privilege of training people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some of which include: rugby players, netball players, wheelchair athletes, pre and post natal Mums, sports teams, pre-contest bodybuilders, figure athletes and Bride’s to be!  I help people that are trying to change their lives by losing weight and being healthier. The list is endless.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing someone develop their potential, overcome their difficulties, move better, reduce pain and inflammation, achieve their goals and effectively change their life and health for the better! This is my motivation for being a Coach and doing a job I love!

So now you know a bit about me, I would be interested in hearing from you! If there is anyway I can help start you on your health and fitness journey or if you already train- we can refocus, set new challenges, improve your workouts and fast track you to your desired goals!

You can contact me here.

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