Visit to The Dementia Carers Support Group

About as long ago as June I saw a television show where a celebrity raised some money for a very small charity . The show really touched me firstly: because they are doing a fantastic job in what I believe is a fantastic cause, secondly: every penny that is donated gets used by the charity for its purpose – not paying for a CEO etc and thirdly: my Father had Dementia so I firsthand know what the carers go through and exactly how tough things were for my late Mother and I. I decided to run up a hill in Norway ( see one of my previous posts ) and raise as much money as I possibly could for the charity in memory of my mother Kay. Luckily enough I have very generous clients/friends and they donated a massive amount ! Almost £3500! Amazing!

I had been in touch with Frances ( the lady who runs the charity ) all the way through so it was exciting for both of us to see the total climb….just before I did! Frances invited Mariann and I down for lunch one afternoon to meet everyone and see what they did and the lives that the donations have touched. It was a very emotional afternoon for me bringing back many old memories. It was such a nice afternoon finally meeting Frances and Derek and also some of the sufferers and their carers. Graham Fairley Visit 017

Above is a pic we took, almost managed to get everyone in! Well done Frances and Derek- you can both be very proud of what you guys have achieved and the lives you have made slightly easier for a few hours a week.