Summer is here….Plan ahead though !!

Its time for your Summer Holidays !!!!   WOOO-HOOO !!!


If you are like me you need a holiday !!

Especially if you have been smashing it in the gym and really focussing on your eating !! All that hard work has paid off and you are leaner, fitter and healthier….




Even though its time off work and you will be in total chillax mode remember all the discipline you had saying no to that chocolate, skipping that dessert and stopping at only one glass of red wine.

Now I’m not saying don’t have fun, but you would be surprised how quick the pounds can pile on if you go back to your ol’ habits !!

Remember the 5 P’s….? Prior preparation prevents poor performance…!!

The key now is maintenance of your current condition and mind-set.

Here are a few ideas…..

If you are driving….:

Try to schedule in a few breaks where you can have a good meal at a reasonable restaurant, not a stodgy sammie from a servo, they are loaded with calories and you will be tempted with a chockie bar as well.

Try to pack a few healthy nibbles- fruit, yoghurt, nuts and extra water.

At the Airport…:

Try to have a bite to eat before you leave or if thats not possible try to get a healthy salad and avoid the heavy plane food. . If you do eat on the flight- maybe plan ahead and chose a gluten free or diabetic meal, they actually taste ok, are leaner than the normal food served…and you get served first !!

Try to walk around the airport a bit as you will be seated in no time 36,000ft up so enjoy the freedom!! Remember to take extra water on board as well due to dehydration from flying.

Working out..

You thought that clean eating was enough? Think again. You have to maintain some form of exercise for at least 3-4 times per week.

Hotel gym or resort gym, TRX outside over a tree, beach sprints, hill walks, pool, aerobics. yoga…..

Or try something totally different!! Something that takes you out of your comfort zone !!

Enjoy your holiday but go easy on the crap food and sauce, you have worked too hard to lose it all !!