January challenge…..Filthy 50.

Exercise Repetitions Weight–Men-m ,Women-w
Split Jumps 50 Bodyweight (each leg)
Kettlebell swings 50 20 kg men 12kg women
TRX Pullups 50 Bodyweight
Press-ups 50 m Bodyweight. w On bench
Shoulder press 50 8kg DBS-m 4kg DBS -w
Tricep bench dips 50 Bodyweight
Bicep curls 50 8kg DBS(m)4kg DBS women
Sit-ups 50 Bodyweight
Burpees 50 Bodyweight
Row 500mx1 As fast as possible
Treadmill run 400mx1 As fast as possible

So you have all done it, now is the time to get a benchmark and beat it. Times will go on a table once a few more have done it.

Good luck and enjoy the burpees !!