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Totally off Exercise and Training Topic but……..Pavlova was invented in NZ and not Oz.

The Oxford English Dictionary may have finally settled a long running dispute between antipodean neighbours New Zealand and Australia. Both nations have for years claimed to have invented the Pavlova, a dessert which sees a meringue base topped with fruit and cream. However, they can agree that the dessert was named after the Russian ballerina … Continue reading

January challenge…..Filthy 50.

Exercise Repetitions Weight–Men-m ,Women-w Split Jumps 50 Bodyweight (each leg) Kettlebell swings 50 20 kg men 12kg women TRX Pullups 50 Bodyweight Press-ups 50 m Bodyweight. w On bench Shoulder press 50 8kg DBS-m 4kg DBS -w Tricep bench dips 50 Bodyweight Bicep curls 50 8kg DBS(m)4kg DBS women Sit-ups 50 Bodyweight Burpees 50 Bodyweight … Continue reading

S M A R T goal setting.

Holiday season is here, which means New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner. Many people resolve to start exercising, but quit a few months later because they don’t see results. If you want long-term success, be clear about what you want to accomplish. To help you succeed, use the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant … Continue reading

Keep Learning….

As we all know, the Fitness Industry is constantly changing with respect to training, nutrition, whats hot, whats not etc. I believe as a Trainer/Coach you need to upskill. End of. No one knows everything ! Everyday is a school day as my Mum used to say. Too many trainers qualify and then rest on … Continue reading