At different times of your life you have different needs. The clients I train come from all different life stages.

–  Maybe you’ve just come out of a relationship and need to reboot your spirit and get your confidence back. (I’m good at that one!)  G-Man stretching her

–  Or you’ve just had a significant birthday (50? 60? Or more!) and need a trainer who knows that a more senior body needs some special TLC. (Like my client Ross, HERE)

–  Perhaps you’re having a baby in a few months – or you’ve already given birth and want not just to get your figure back but get a figure that’s even better than it’s ever been! (Hear from a mother of three little ones HERE.)

– You could be suffering from stress at work, sleep is hard to find, and you need a training regime that’ll give you back your calmer karma. 

– Or has the last year seen your body weight rise inexorably, and you really feel powerless to get lean again!? (Click HERE  if this sounds like you.)

DSC_0542WHATEVER YOUR ISSUE, DON’T PANIC! I’m here and ready to listen and to start you on the road to a happy body and a happy you.

If you look at the top right menu, here are some key areas I often treat – Pre & Post Natal Mums, Oldsters who want to channel their Inner Youngster, and  also those who yearn for Perfect Posture!