“Posture can be defined as the attitude or position of the body”

(Thomas, 1997).

We all crave perfect posture. But a sedentary life really doesn’t help.

For great posture, it comes down to the alignment of your joints, particularly your spine.  The spine must maintain this good alignment in any position whether seated, lying or standing without too much muscular effort. Modern life does little to help us with these goals, for example sitting in front of a computer all day long harms our posture or postural muscles. On the other hand a cyclist who rides their bike in a position of lumbar flexion will have potentially poor posture based on this sustained position as well. If there is any pain associated with certain body positions or movements usually poor posture, bad alignment, weak muscles, short muscles are to blame unless there has been an injury or trauma.  perfect_posture

Something as simple as an over pronation at the ankle leading to a knee that rolls inward (valgus knee) can potentially be corrected by flexibility exercises and strengthening the gluteal muscles.

Once we determine your limitations and postural adaptions via static postural and dynamic movement tests we can design a corrective strategy to address the observed issues.

The goal is to get you pain free, nice and mobile in all planes of motion feeling better whether it be functioning better in a chosen sport or just outside playing with the kids.


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